For me, creative writing starts either with an idea that has to be crafted right now, or the slow build-up to a mature enough idea that I can start planning for. The rest of my process is equal amounts of being excited for the process and guilty for putting it off. I am working on reducing procrastination. Overall it is a disorganised mess that somehow produces writing at a reasonable rate.

I make a lot of time for daydreaming. Some of my ideas float around in my for years – I revisit favourites often. Eventually, these become the basis of a story. That and asking myself “what if”. I have whatever the opposite is of a shortage of ideas. I have too many ideas. Only a few will ever get to grow into stories.

What is your creative process like?

Are you more organised than me? That is a low bar, I know.

Do you have a writing routine? I’m trying to build one

Do you plan ahead in writing or make it up as you go? I’m a mix of the two.

Where do you collect your best ideas? Mine are from a mix of weird dreams and stranger daydreams.

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