The prompt

The AI story

When you tossed the penny into the well, you foolishly wished to rule the world. Now you are stuck in a huge office failing to keep up with the endless paperwork. Suddenly, a mysterious phone rings and you hear the voice of someone you’ve never heard of before. This man tells you that he is going to give you one final chance to change your fortunes. If you give him a billion dollars, he will grant you one wish. All you have to do is press one button. And so you press that button.

All of a sudden, the sky turns black, thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, and hail starts pouring down on you. Then, you hear a loud voice speak. He said, ‘I’ve sent for the man who owns the field to come out.’

A man comes out of the field and walks toward you. You say, ‘Sir, you look like a smart man. You know that you are the owner of the field and you should keep the field open so that other people can use it. Why are you letting this man keep the field closed?’

He says, ‘I will keep the field closed for as long as he wants it. Then, I will come back and take the field back. Now get out of here before the field gets dark and he closes the gates.’

So, you leave the field, terrified of what is going to happen. The voice then shouts, ‘The man with one wish has come and he says he’s taking the field back! You are too late! Hurry, before the gates close!’

You run back into the field as fast as you can and as soon as you get into the gate, you hear the voice of the man screaming at you, ‘You’ve got to get me out of here before the gates close!’ Then, he starts screaming at you in a language that you do not understand. The storm is getting closer, lightning flashes are flashing all around you, thunder is roaring loudly and you can see that the storm is now closer than the field. You panic, and when you try to stand, you find that the ground is made of ash. You are in hell.

The voices from the heaven’s start yelling at you, ‘You can’t stay here. The gates are going to close very soon.’ You yell back at the voices, ‘You tell that man to keep the gates open, so that I can get out of this hell!’

The voices from the heaven’s yell back at you, ‘YOU tell that man to keep the gates open!’

At that moment, the gates of hell start closing and before you realize, they have completely closed, and you are left alone in that hell, in the middle of a storm, in the middle of the blazing inferno. You hear the voice of the man scream, ‘You’ve got to get me out of here before the gates close!’

Not quite a classic but a story nevertheless. The AI in question was