Premade characters

Premade characters are protagonists, villains, and other story role filling characters that have been created for this site and for you to use however you like (within reason).

The license

You may use these characters in your own work, you may freely sell that work if you wish. The only requirement is that you should acknowledge and credit your source. Everything else is yours to do with as you wish.

Creative Commons Licence
These characters are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Important note: Only the characters listed here are licensed. Other peoples OC (original characters) remain their own and it is up to the character creator to decide if they want to share them in the same way or not.

The characters

Colin Blaze

Colin Blaze is a (possibly private) detective cursed by a witch to have only cases that no right-thinking person would ever believe were real. The witch hoped that Blaze would be discredited and forced to quit. Instead, Blaze is the champion of the bizarre and marginalised oddities of London.

Colin Blaze has a small office and reception area immediately below his flat on the corner of Boyle Street and Savile Row in London. Due to the curse, the large majority of everyday folk cannot see his door at all. This makes getting mail a bit of a problem but it also means that his landlord frequently forgets to bill him.

Pictured: Colin Blaze’s bright red door and large garish detective agency sign.

When working a case, Colin Blaze prefers to wear clothes that he doesn’t mind getting dirty. As a result, he is often mistaken for a homeless person. This makes surveillance really easy but getting a table at a decent restaurant is a total nightmare.

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Harry Smith

Harry Smith is the faithful but dimwitted assistant to Colin Blaze. Some say Harry’s mind is tuned to simple ideas that smart people overlook. Others suggest that Harry’s mind moves too slowly for complex thoughts. Whatever the truth, Harry appears to live in a different kinder world. Be the client a yeti, a space alien, a ghost, a wizard, or a pair of time travellers, to Harry, they are just people and should be offered a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Harry is kind, happy to help, and has a uniquely simple perspective that sometimes inspires others to see things slightly differently.

Maggie Jones

Colin Blaze’s probation officer (don’t ask it was a long day) has always been Maggie Jones. Mostly because none of the other probation officers would take him. Jones struggles to help her deluded and homeless client not least of all because of his gift of simply vanishing off the face of the planet before returning with a ridiculous and unbelievable story. Her determination to give mundane explanations to the events that surround Blaze is in a constant battle with the notion that maybe he is telling the truth.

Vegnault Grats

Vegnault Grats is the captain of the moderately powerful Gaultic Tarn – the flagship of the Nagarlim’s Thirteenth Voids – a squad established to assign out of date but still valuable ships along with unpopular, incompetent, or untrustworthy officers and crew. The Thirteenth Voids get all the tasks that no one else wants. This includes tedious jobs, suicidal jobs, or tasks that will see them in deep space for many revolutions.

The Prophet Festus Briland

The Prophet Festus Briland has never been wrong. He spends his retirement years in a small town where people just call him Bill. He chose the town because nothing cataclysmic or frightening had ever happened there. Festus Briland takes appointments for lunch where he will give a forecast to the person paying for said lunch. Up until last year, every forecast was mundane and relatively pleasant. Then Eve Fortuna moved to town.