Storyboard is a prompt type where the order of the images is given but it is up to you to tell the story that stitches them together.

Our story starts with

black steel lamp post
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

However, very soon…

man holding lighted device over orange smoke
Photo by OVAN on

Things take a turn for the unexpected when

white ford transit van on greenfield
Photo by Lisa on

Something unexpectedly turns out to be of vital importance (choose one)

An answer is found here

a lighthouse on the seashore

Events draw to a close as things are resolved…

woman sitting at the edge of mountain
Photo by Arthur Brognoli on

If you publish a story based on this prompt, we’d love to read it. You can find a form to share your story link under the comments. Assuming of course your blog did not auto ping us as many do. The point is, please tell us about your stories because we want to read them.