The path of romance is rarely easy. If you follow our technique for generating over 5 Trillion plots, and you are writing about a romance, you may find this table just what you need. Use this table to roll romance twists for your story.

1He used to date her sister.
2She is his new boss.
3Her ex organises a grand and public proposal of marriage.
4Their fathers are bitter rivals who forbid the relationship.
5She was engaged to his best friend.
6A jealous ex-girlfriend claims that he cheated on her.
7She must choose him or a promotion worth thousands.
8She was his bully at school.
9His father is the head of an organised crime family.
10She is an undercover detective and must tell him the truth.
11He was released from prison a few days before they met.
12They are both competing for the same promotion.
13He used to be a male stripper.
14She paid for her education as an exotic dancer.
15He is nowhere near as rich as he has been pretending to be.
16He lied (a lot) to get that first date and it is catching up with him.
17He claimed to be a doctor but is actually a car mechanic.
18Her father is still paying off a law-suit and he is the claimant.
19A mistake on venue makes them both seem to have been stood up.
20She sees him with another woman not knowing this is his sister.