If you follow our technique for generating over 5 Trillion plots, you may find this alternative list of plot twists a fun way to make that into 100 Trillion possible plots.

D20Plot Twists
1The protagonist told a fib, now it has come back to bite them
2A potential new best friend (roll on the character table)
3An unexpected explosion raises the tensions
4This photograph is a fake
5You may not enter without the right papers
6A photographer seems to be stalking someone
7Supprising revelations about the antagonist’s past
8The protagonist’s friends suspect insanity
9Someone everyone thought was dead shows up alive and well
10A shady figure seems to be manipualting events
11The protagonist’s wallet is stolen
12An unexpected downpour disrupts plans
13If the protagonist betrays a friend they gain an advantage
14The protagonist was actually adopted
15Someone drugged the drinks
16A family member is kidnapped
17An elderly man drops down dead
18The protagonist’s parents are best friends with the antagonist
19A secret passage leads to fresh clues
20The protagonist is one of two twins seperated a birth
20 sided dice
Use one of these to randomly select a plot twist