An oxymoron is when two apparently contradictory or opposite words are used together to express a complex truth.

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

It is sometimes possible to express in two well-chosen words what might otherwise take an entire paragraph to say.

Can you find two contradictory words that together could express a complex feeling or situation? Try and add one oxymoron to your current writing.

Perhaps try for an oxymoron with an adjective and noun word combination.

Here are some more oxymoron examples to inspire you to come up with your own

  • “scalding coolness” (Hemingway)
  • “proud humility” (Spenser)
  • “sound of silence” (Paul Simon)
  • “beggarly riches” (John Donne)
  • “melancholy merriment” (Byron)

If you invent your own oxymoron, why not share it in the comments.

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