You can turn your 5 trillion plots into 100 trillion with one additional table – subplots, baby!

1The place where the central characters work could be about to go out of business
2The protagonist’s parents are going through a messy divorce
3They suspect a friend is cheating on their partner
4The protagonist is accused of cheating during an important test
5They must keep a huge secret from a close friend
6Someone keeps raiding the protagonist’s fridge
7Their mother disappears for three hours every Wednesday evening
8They suspect that a friend may be considering suicide
9An old friend needs help moving house
10Someone at work keeps eating their lunch
11A close friend seems to have vanished in the night
12A police detective suspects them of an unrelated crime
13A friend, unrelated to the main plot, is upset that the protagonist has been ignoring them
14They scratch and dent a “borrowed” car and must cover up their misdeed
15They have drawn the attention of the neighbourhood busy-body
16They join a support group as they try to kick an addiction
17There is a week-long power cut
18The protagonist must choose between two equally appealing love interests
19An unpaid bill has led to the Internet connection being cut off
20On top of everything else, they silently struggle with depression

The best way to use this table is with 20-sided dice.