The path of adventure is a rocky road at the best of times. If you follow our technique for generating over 5 Trillion plots, and you are writing a story with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, you may find this table just what you need. Use this table to roll for some extreme twists in your story.

D20Extreme Plot Twist
1Protagonist’s best friend is an actor from a mysterious agency.
2The entire town is a carefully crafted fiction.
3The antagonist is trying to save the world.
4The local pub is a front for a global crime syndicate.
5There is a bomb under the car.
6The protagonist awakes strapped to a table.
7Protagonist’s best friend is a figment of their imagination.
8The protagonist and antagonist are twins.
9Protagonist’s father is the head of an organised crime family.
10The authorities have been convinced the protagonist is a killer.
11Someone seems to know everything the protagonist will do.
12Protagonist and another have the exact same childhood memories.
13The protagonist’s family seem to have never existed.
14The one person who can maybe help died ninety years ago.
15The protagonist finds a photo. It is them but in 1891.
16The protagonist’s actions threaten to expose a global conspiracy.
17To save an innocent, the antagonist must be protected at all costs.
18The protagonist is shown that they are the villain.
19People who have helped the protagonist start disappearing.
20The protagonist finds a book detailing their adventure so far.