This settings table lists 20 setting ideas for your story. It works well on its own but is really good with other Roll for Plot tables like these.

1A sleepy village
2Central London
3Downtown New York
4A Parisian bread shop
5A comic convention in a large city
6The local pub – roll on a character table for the owner
7The highstreet
8A busy orbital refuelling station
9A bookshop – roll on a character table for the owner
10The suburbs
11An experimental cafe
12Inside a fire station
13A weekly support group meeting
14A travelling circus
15An old burned outbuilding
16A condemned building where only the desperate and destitute live
17A tropical jungle
18A central portal hub
19Kings Cross station
20A mosque

Please let me know if you use this table to roll for your plot. We all like hearing about your story writing that we inspire.