Writer’s block is that awful state where the muse has left and you feel unable to write.

This happens to all of us at some time.

Fortunately, there are many effective remedies to get you out of a rut and writing again. Here are 5 possible solutions to writer’s block.

1. Identify what is causing your blockage

There is any number of reasons that writers can feel blocked.

  • Timing – maybe your ideas need longer to percolate
  • Fear – writing means putting yourself out there for people to see
  • Stress – stressful life situations can suck away your energy for writing
  • Dead-end plot choices – a part of you knows you took a wrong turning
  • Perfectionism – no one is perfect, so learn to embrace the mess

If you can work out what is holding you back you are 90% of the way towards getting going again.

2. Realise you are not alone

One of the tricks that writer’s block likes to play is to convince you that you are the only one this happens to. You are not the only writer to feel blocked creatively

The Wikipedia article on writer’s blocklists a number of famous sufferers.

[…] authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Joseph Mitchell, comic strip cartoonist Charles M. Schulz, composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, and songwriter Adele..

Writer’s Block, Wikipedia

Once you know that others have faced it and won, writer’s block no longer seems quite so insurmountable. Writing is hard, so cut yourself some slack.

3. Free write some junk just for fun

One of the more powerful tools for overcoming writer’s block is to free-write.

Put your brain in nutrual and just start typing. You fully expect this work to be junk and no one need to see it, so perfectionism, fear, and even rational thought need not be part of this. One a blank document or writing pad and just talk tot he page about whatever comes into your head.

If all else fails, just write about how you feel being blocked. Look at that, no you are writing.

4. Take a long walk, cycle ride, or bath

Sometimes, what you need more than anything else is a chance to give your mind and body a change of pace. If you have been cooped up inside – go ou and get some fresh air. If your body is tired and aching, take a nice relaxing bath and maybe have an early night.

Just be sure to have a note pad and pen to hand should the ideas start flowing suddenly.

Do some things that fill you with joy. What some people call refilling yourself spiritually. Play with your kids, spend time with family, binge your favourite Netflix show – whatever it is that “fills you up” emotionally. Essentially, engage in a little self-care.

5. Use some writing prompts

If the only thing stopping you is a fresh supply of interesting ideas – download some. Find a writing prompt that fuels your imagination and just run with it. The internet is surprisingly full of prompts for writing.

We have a growing collection of writing prompts here at the Muse of Last Resort.

What techniques have worked for you to get past writer’s block?